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A partial list of credits

1956 Various Singles Billy Lee Riley
1990 Classic Recordings Billy Lee Riley
1995 Red Hot: The Best of  Billy Lee Riley
1997 Essential Bobby Bare
1994 Mona Lisa Carl Mann
1957 Various Singles Carl Perkins
1966 Country Charley Pride
1967 Pride of Country Music Charley Pride
1968 In Person  Charley Pride
1968 Make Mine Country Charley Pride
1968 Songs of Pride… Charley Pride
1969 Best of  Pride, V 1 Charley Pride
1969 Best of Charley Pride Charley Pride
1969 Sensational Charley Pride Charley Pride
1970 10th Album Charley Pride
1970 Christmas In My Hometown Charley Pride
1970 Just Plain Charley Charley Pride
1971 Did You Think To Pray Charley Pride
1971 From Me To You Charley Pride
1971 I'm Just Me Charley Pride
1971 Sings Heart Songs Charley Pride
1972 Best of  Pride, Vol. 2 Charley Pride
1972 Sunshiny Day Charley Pride
1973 Amazing Love Charley Pride
1973 Sweet Country Charley Pride
1974 Country Feelin' Charley Pride
1974 Pride of America Charley Pride
1975 Charley Charley Pride
1975 Happiness of Having You Charley Pride
1975 Incomparable Charley Pride
1976 Sunday Morning Charley Pride
1976 The Best 3 Charley Pride
1994 My 6 Latest & 6 Greatest Charley Pride
1994 Platinum Pride:  Vol. 2 Charley Pride
1995 Platinum Pride: Vol. 1 Charley Pride
1996 Super Hits Charley Pride
1997 Essential Charley Pride Charley Pride
1997 Pride's Platinum, Vol. 1 Charley Pride
2000 RCA Country Legends Charley Pride
2003 Anthology Charley Pride
2003 Comfort of Her Wings Charley Pride
1998 Lonely Weekends:SunYears Charlie Rich
1960 Flivvers, Flappers, and Fox Trots Del Wood
1976 Ashes of Love Dickey Lee
1973 Then and Now Doc & Merle Watson
2003 Doc andBoys Doc & Merle Watson
1972 Elementary Doctor Doc Watson
1997 Elementary!/Then+Now Doc Watson
2002 Elementary Doctor Doc Watson
2002 Then+Now/Two Days Doc Watson
1993 Rockin' Daddy Eddie Bond
2005 TBD Eddy Arnold
1956 Million $ Quartet (engr) Elvis,Jerry Lee, Carl
1971 Lester and Mac Flatt/Wiseman
1974 Living Proof: MGM  Hank Williams, Jr.
1999 Complete Hank Williams Jr Hank Williams, Jr.
1978 All I Want To Do In Life Jack Clement
2004 Guess Things Happen That Way Jack Clement
1956 Various Singles Jerry Lee Lewis
1979 Duets Jerry Lee Lewis
1993 All Killer, No Filler Jerry Lee Lewis
1994 Locust Years… Jerry Lee Lewis
1997 Great Balls of Fire [Sun] Jerry Lee Lewis
1999 20th Century Masters Jerry Lee Lewis
2000 25 All-Time Greatest Sun Recordings Jerry Lee Lewis
2002 Rockin' the Blues: 25 Great Jerry Lee Lewis
2004 Jerry Lee Lewis  [Varese] Jerry Lee Lewis
2004 Orby Records Spotlights  Jerry Lee Lewis
1991 Hartford & Hartford John & Jamie Hartford
1982 Me Oh My, How the Time Does Fly John Hartford
1986 Annual Waltz John Hartford
1987 Gum Tree Canoe John Hartford
1989 Down on the River John Hartford
1957 Various Singles Johnny Cash
1957 Wanted Man Johnny Cash
1980 Rockabilly Blues Johnny Cash
1986 Up Through the Years Johnny Cash
1987 ..Is Coming To Town Johnny Cash
1988 Water from Wells of Home Johnny Cash
1990 Man in Black Johnny Cash
1990 Sun Years [Rhino] Johnny Cash
1992 Essential Johnny Cash Johnny Cash
1999 I Walk the Line: 16 Original  Johnny Cash
2001 16 Biggest Hits, Vol. 2 Johnny Cash
2001 Roads Less Travelled: Sun  Johnny Cash
2002 20th Century Masters Johnny Cash
2002 Essential Johnny Cash Johnny Cash
2003 All Aboard the Blue Train  Johnny Cash
2003 Greatest!  Johnny Cash
2003 Johnny Sings Hank  Johnny Cash
2003 Mystery of Life Johnny Cash
2003 Now Here's Johnny Cash  Johnny Cash
2003 Original Sun Sound  Johnny Cash
2003 Songs That Made Him Johnny Cash
2004 Cash Sings Cash Johnny Cash
2004 Life Johnny Cash
2004 Orby Records Spotlights  Johnny Cash
1982 The Adventures of  Johnny Cash 
1999 Complete Sun Singles Johnny Cash&Tenn.2
2002 Essential Sun Singles Johnny Cash&Tenn.2
1999 Flatt on Victor Plus More Lester Flatt
1972 CountryWestern Armstrong Louis Armstrong
1992 Let There Be Country Marty Stuart
1998 Double Barrel Country Milsap&Charley
1997 Did You Tell Me Narvel Felts
1991 Onie's Bop Onie Wheeler
1969 Memorial Pop Stoneman
1986 Voice of the West Rex Allen
1957 Various Singles Roy Orbison
1989 Sun Years 1956-58 Roy Orbison
2001 Complete Sun Sessions Roy Orbison
2004 Orby Records Spotlights Orbison Roy Orbison
1969 Warm and Wooley Sheb Wooley
1982 Wild and Wooley Sheb Wooley
1997 Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley
1998 That's My Pa Sheb Wooley
2000 WildWooley/BigUnruly Sheb Wooley
1990 We Wanna Boogie Sonny Burgess
1991 Classic Recordings Sonny Burgess
1970 Dawn of the Stonemans Age Stonemans
1991 Why The Cues
2004 Country Christmas Thomas Kinkade
1967 Tompall and Glaser Bros Tompall Glaser
1968 Through the Eyes of Love Tompall Glaser
1969 Wicked California Tompall Glaser
1970 Tick,Tick,Tick (OST) Tompall Glaser
1968 For the Sake of the Song Townes Van Zandt
1969 Our Mother the Mountain Townes Van Zandt
1972 Late Great Townes Van Zandt Townes Van Zandt
1987 At My Window Townes Van Zandt
1996 High, Low / The Late Great Townes Van Zandt
2002 Best of Townes Townes Van Zandt
2002 Texas Troubadour Townes Van Zandt
2002 Very Best of Townes Townes Van Zandt
1987 Sun Story Various Artists
1988 Folkways:Vision Shared Various Artists
1995 Complete Sun SinglesV2 Various Artists
1995 Golden Throats, V3 Various Artists
1995 Let's BopV 1: Sun Rockabilly Various Artists
1995 Max Weinberg Presents Various Artists
1996 Acoustic Highway Collection: Various Artists
1996 CompleteSun Singles, V3 Various Artists
1996 Essential SamplerVol. 2 Various Artists
1997 Kickin' Country Various Artists
1998 CompleteSunSinglesV5 Various Artists
1998 Double Barrel Country Various Artists
1999 Sun Records: 25 All-Time  Various Artists
2000 Last Kiss: Songs of Teen Tragedy Various Artists
2002 Memphis Belles: Women of Sun  Various Artists
2002 Memphis Rockabillies Various Artists
2002 More Bona Fide Bluegrass Various Artists
2002 Sun Records 50th Anniv Various Artists
2002 Sun Records: 25 Red-Hot  Various Artists
2002 Sun Records:Songbook Various Artists
2003 Hank Williams Songbook Various Artists
2003 Rockabilly Riot Various Artists
2004 Sun Records: 25 Classics Various Artists
1973 Nashville Coyote (Disney OST) Walter Forbes
1992 Classic Recordings Warren Smith
1975 Dreaming My Dreams Waylon Jennings
1979 Greatest Hits [RCA] Waylon Jennings
1990 Collector's Series Waylon Jennings
1992 Are You Sure Hank Waylon Jennings
1993 Only Daddy That'll Walk Waylon Jennings
1996 Essential Waylon Jennings Waylon Jennings
1998 Waylon Jennings, Vol. 2 Waylon Jennings
2001 Dreaming My Dreams Waylon Jennings
2001 Honky/Ramblin' /Dreaming Waylon Jennings
2001 RCA  Legends Waylon Jennings
2003 Platinum & Gold Collection Waylon Jennings
2004 Ultimate Waylon Jennings Waylon Jennings
2005 Love Songs Waylon Jennings


This list came from AllMusic guide database which is incomplete. We will update eventually.