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We are in the process of uploading lyric pages with mp3 excerpts of some of the artists who have covered these songs. As the slogan went for Clement's Summer Records, "Summer hits, and summer not, hope you like the ones we got."



A page that has links to some of the currently available titles Jack has been involved with over the years in CD format. You can click over to the page at AMAZON to see and hear the listed tracks. For mp3 versions, see below.


You can navigate via the drop down menu above to the DISCOGRAPHY section which contains much historical information concerning music created by Jack Clement wearing various hats - producer, publisher, songwriter, and artist. The last containing links to his two solo records: ALL I WANT TO DO IN LIFE (1978), soon we hope, to be released on CD and GUESS THINGS HAPPEN THAT WAY (2004). no collection should be without them.



To listen to excerpts and/or purchase* mp3's of various tunes/albums associated with Jack's career, click on cover above which will take you to Amazon.
*To purchase the first time, you will need to take a few seconds and install their downloader which integrates with iTunes or Windows Media Player.